Italian Shower S.r.l.

Via Edison, 27-27/a
25050 Provaglio di Iseo (BS)
VAT 03524420985

Ph. +39 030.6950257
Fax +39 030.6950258

Where we are

Our company is located between the hills and the vineyards of the area called Franciacorta pretty near to Iseo Lake and to Rovato motorway exit.

How to reach us: at the first roundabout after Rovato motorway exit take the left and go straight till the second roundabout. Stay on the right and take the SP XI (State road) and follow the road for 5,5 km passing through Adro, Torbiato until Timoline di Corte Franca. take the SP 49 (State road) on your right abd go straight for 1,8 Km. Take Via Cadorna on your left and follow it for 850 m to arrive in Via Stazione Vecchia. At the roundabout take the right and go straight for 150 m. You will find Italian Shower on your right.